Terms and conditions

Last updated: December 1, 2013

1. Definitions

  1. We / us / OpenEdu: the users of these Terms & Conditions
  2. You / customer: someone who buys / uses products / services from OpenEdu.
  3. OpenEdu services: the unlimited access for customers to Moodle, Mahara, BigBlueButton, and any customized components of an online learning platform.
  4. Service: the availability for customers of the ‘OpenEdu services’, at least daily between 7:00 hour and 22:00 hour. Server maintenance takes place weekly on Thursday night. OpenEdu strives to ensure that all other times of the week its platform is available to all its users.
  5. Service period: the time period in which OpenEdu provides its services to its customers, as agreed in the “Agreement”.


2. Validity

  1. These terms & conditions apply to all ‘OpenEdu services’ offered by OpenEdu.


3. Trial period

  1. OpenEdu maintains a trial period of 30 days. Within this trial period you can stop the agreement and/or switch to another provider without reason and without any costs.
  2. In case of a switch, the new service provider is responsible for the relocation. OpenEdu will grant its full cooperation.


4. Agreement

  1. The agreement to use the ‘OpenEdu services’ for a ‘service period’ of 1 year.
  2. The agreement to use the; OpenEdu services’ has a notice period of 1 month.
  3. After expiry, the agreements are automatically renewed with 1 year.


5. Costs of use online learning platform

  1. For access to the ‘OpenEdu services’ you pay €3.00 per user per year.
  2. The minimum number of users is 100.
  3. At the beginning of the ‘Service period’, you purchase a chosen number of users for the coming year.
  4. If the number of users at the end of the ‘service period’ is higher than 110% of the purchased amount, we will charge this afterwards.
  5. The bill for the new ‘Service period’ is – if not communicated otherwise – based on the number of users currently registered with us.


6. Fair use BigBlueButton

  1. Use of the BigBlueButton virtual classroom is possible on the basis of fair use.
  2. 3% of the number of purchased users of the ‘OpenEdu services’ are allowed to simultaneously use BigBlueButton.
  3. Example: You have purchased ‘OpenEdu services’ for 1,100 users. A maximum of 33 users are allowed to simultaneous use BigBlueButton.
  4. A maximum number of 50 users can simultaneously use BigBlueButton.


7. Varying user numbers

  1. You are always responsible for maintaining the number of registered users, even if you have a standard large number of varying users within the ‘service period’.
  2. You always purchase the maximum number of users you think you need within a certain service period in advance.
  3. You are responsible for removing users who (will) no longer make use of the platform, in order to prevent exceeding the number of previously purchased users with more than 10% and the accompanying additional fee.


8. Self programming and self responsibility

  1. Although OpenEdu can link your programs, create house styles and write plug-ins, you are free to do this yourself if you think you have the expertise. OpenEdu ensures that get enough access for this.
  2. In case you decide to implement changes in your online platform by yourself, you are responsible for the continued functioning of the platform.
  3. In case you make use of our helpdesk if problems arise and the helpdesk concludes that the problems arose because of your own programming, the costs will be charged.


9. Availability

  1. OpenEdu offers its services under a Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  2. See our SLA for details


10. Extra conditions

  1. For additional conditions we refer you to the FENIT terms and conditions, filed at the District Court in The Hague on June 3, 2001, under number 60/2003
  2. The Terms and Conditions of this document prevail over the FENIT terms and conditions.