Service Level Agreement

Laatst aangepast: 1 september 2013

OpenEdu Service level Agreement (SLA). During the term of the OpenEdu Agreement (the “Agreement”), the web service facilitated by OpenEdu will be available for at least 99.9% of the time in any calendar month (the OpenEdu SLA). If OpenEdu does not comply with the OpenEdu SLA, and when the customer does comply with the OpenEdu SLA, the customer will have the right to “Service Credit” as described below. This OpenEdu SLA is the only legal remedy for the customer when the OpenEdu service lacks.

Definitions. The following definitions apply to the OpenEdu SLA.

  • “Downtime” of a domain, means a user error rate of more than 5%. Downtime is measured by the error rate on the server side.
  • “OpenEdu Services” imply the granting of unlimited access to Moodle, Mahara, Kaltura, BigBlueButton and Mobile application components of the online learning platform for customers.
  • “Monthly Uptime Percentage” means the total number of minutes per month, measured daily between 7:00 hour and 22:00 hour, minus the number of minutes downtime measured in the same month divided by the total number of minutes per month, measured daily between 7:00 and 22:00 hours.
  • “Service” means the availability of the OpenEdu services to customers, at least daily between 7:00 hour and 22:00 hour. server maintenance will take place weekly on Thursday nights. OpenEdu strives to have the platform available for all its users for all other times of the week.
  • “Service Credit” implies the following:
Monthly uptime percentage.  Days of added Service at the end of the Service period, without charing extra fees.
 < 99,9% - >= 99,0%  7
 < 99,0% - >= 95,0%  15
 < 95,0%  30

Customers are to request service credit themselves. If customers want to receive the Service Credit as described above, customers will have to notify OpenEdu within 30 days after they gained the right to Service Credit. If customers do not meet this requirement, they will lose the right to Service Credit.

Maximum Service Credit. The total Service Credit that a customer has right to, is determined by OpenEdu on the basis of downtime measured within a single calendar month, and will never exceed 30 days.

Service Credit cannot be exchanged for monetary units.

OpenEdu SLA exclusions. The OpenEdu SLA does not apply to Services that are not specifically offered by OpenEdu or to performance problems caused by i) force majeure, or ii) use of third party plug-ins in the online learning platform which were not added to the online learning platform by OpenEdu.