Software as a Service

We offer our product as Software as a Service (SaaS). Our online learning platform is accessible in the cloud anytime, anywhere, without you having to worry about the underlying technology.

Everyone within the organization always has access to the latest software, including new features and security updates. There is no need to buy or maintain any servers. We make sure that everything just works. Guaranteed under the Service Level Agreement (SLA). All of this for only €4.- per user per year.

We endorse the idea that security can only be achieved when a large number of people have the opportunity to constantly test the security of a product. This applies to the products we make use of and to our own products and services. Do you want to read how we specifically deal with the security of your data? Read all about the security of our platform here and view our privacy policy.

Freedom of choice is very important to us. That is why you always have control over your platform. Control over its layout and control over your data. Your data is yours and it will always be yours. You will never be dependable on us for the continuation of your platform. Because we make use of open source software, you can always opt to continue on your own or with another company.


We can imagine that you already use an online learning environment, but would like to change over to the product package of OpenEdu. We can also imagine that you do not want to redo all the work you have already done in a new environment. That is why we gladly help you with the migration of your content to our online learning platform.

If you already use Moodle, we will migrate the environment totally free of charge and we will always upgrade Moodle to the latest version. We have the needed experience with different types of migrations and always look with you at the possibilities for a rapid, accurate and affordable solution.

Do you already use Moodle, and do you want to change over to OpenEdu? Then we will migrate your current Moodle environment to our servers for free and immediately upgrade Moodle to the latest version.

All around the world migration from Blackboard to Moodle proves to be very popular. Because Moodle deals well with Blackboard content by nature and over the years a wide range of migration tools were published, it often is possible to migrate quickly and diligently without the costs rising to high. We gladly discuss with you the possibilities for a migration of your Blackboard environment to Moodle.

We can perfectly help you with a migration of your e-mail, contacts and calendar data to your Google Apps account. Ask us about the possibilities for your situation.

You would like to switch over to us, but you do not want to pay double costs because you still have a contract with your current provider? Please contact one of the OpenEdu sales representatives to discuss possibilities.

Theme design

Appearance matters. That is why we offer the possibility to create your online learning platform in your own corporate style. We listen to your needs and then our graphic designers will create a graphic proposal. After your feedback we cross the t’s and will dot the i’s and – after your full approval – we will install the template on your online learning platform.

Of course, we will continue to monitor whether the design works with the latest software and browser versions, and we will modify the CSS as needed.

We design your Moodle template exactly to your needs and also make your template fully responsive, so that the display is optimal for desktop, tablet and mobile.

For organizations that also make use of our Mahara e-portfolio, we also make matching responsive templates so users get the feeling that they are working in one environment.

For our mobile app Moobile we make templates in the corporate style of the organization. After entering the correct log-in details for the first time, your users will from that moment on view the app in your own style.

Customization and integration

Our online learning platform is perfectly suitable to be used out of the box for e-learning in any organization. Of course, it may be that you have special desires that have to be tailor-made for you. You want to develop a plug-in, for example, to add a special feature to your learning environment. Or you maybe want to link your platform to existing (administrative) software used by your organization.

The open structure of the products used by us almost always makes it possible to realize simple customized solutions and links. Moreover, we have all technical knowledge under one roof. That way we can clearly advice you about the various possibilities, never have to outsource something and manage to keep the costs down.

We hebben ruime ervaring met het realiseren van maatwerk. Van het doen van kleine aanpassingen aan Moodle tot het schrijven van externe plug-ins en modules en het maken van mobiele applicaties. We doen dit natuurlijk voor klanten, maar evengoed voor een groot aantal partners, die keer op keer bij ons aankloppen om Moodle plug-ins voor hun product te ontwikkelen.

We hebben ruime ervaring met het integreren van andere softwareproducten met ons online leerplatform. Koppelingen met bedrijfsnetwerken zijn veelvuldig gemaakt, we hebben Moodle als enige partij in Nederland gekoppeld met SURFnet en samen met Kennisnet pionieren we met de distributie van digitaal lesmateriaal.

Website development

We house all knowledge to provide your organization with a new website. Whether it is the design, the build, or the full integration of our online learning platform.

We make use of the open source Content Management System (CMS) Joomla – a full feature CMS suitable for mobile use and very user friendly. This allows us to realize every design desire you have and you can easily keep the site up to date by yourself. We also offer the possibility to fully integrate your Joomla website into Moodle. This allows users to register on your website, view the offered courses and then follow the course in Moodle, for example.


We think it is paramount that you not only have a well-functioning online learning platform within your organization, but that your people also know how to use it. Only then will e-learning become a success. Therefore we offer various trainings to familiarize your trainers, teachers and IT managers with our platform within a day.

Furthermore, we are constantly updating our demo environment with new manuals, short tutorials, tips and tricks to ensure that you will always get the maximum out of our platform.

In two sessions we explain to your trainers, coaches and/or teachers how they can use the Moodle learning environment to supplement their current teaching methods or to optimize them. Teachers get information about the architecture and functional use of Moodle and then they will go to work making their own course under supervision.

In one session we explain to your IT managers the functional management aspects of the Moodle learning environment. During the course the aspects of user management, course management, module management, rights management and security settings, are discussed, among others.

In one session we will explain to your trainers, coaches and/or teachers how they can take and process digital tests  in Moodle. Trainers get information about the possibilities of digital tests within the learning environment and will then work on creating a test under supervision.

In 1 dagdeel leggen wij uw trainers, coaches en/of docenten uit hoe zij ons e-portfolio, Mahara, kunnen gebruiken om hun cursisten te motiveren hun persoonlijke ontwikkelingen bij te houden. Trainers krijgen uitleg over het de architectuur en het functionele gebruik van Mahara om vervolgens zelf onder begeleiding aan de slag te gaan met het maken van hun e-portfolio.

In one session we will explain your website managers how Joomla works and how they can easily make adjustments to the website themselves.

In one session we will explain all aspects of the product package to the users of Google Apps.

In one session we will explain the functional management aspects of Google Apps to your IT managers.