Learning management system

Moodle forms the core of our online learning platform. With over 60 million users worldwide, a community of over 2,000 developers, embraced by schools and universities all over the world, and used as online academy by organizations like the Subaru, Shell and Cisco; Moodle has clearly proved itself as learning management system.

Sharing knowledge together

Two people know more than one. It might sound like a cliché, but that does not make it less true. Moodle is arranged in such a way that sharing knowledge together, just like learning from the ideas of others, is very simple. Moodle tries to promote the interactions between teacher and student as much as possible.

A Moodle, as the learning environment is referred to, can be expanded endlessly with courses, assignments, videos, books, tests, wikis, forums, and so on. All contemporary learning possibilities can be applied in or through Moodle. Despite all these possibilities, Moodle remains clear and easy to use.

Everybody has his own learning style, his own learning tempo and learning preferences. Moodle offers the opportunity to approach different students in a personal way. Moodle also gives students plenty of space to give feedback to the courses and to stay in touch with their tutors.

Working with Moodle saves time. This applies to both teachers and students. Tests are automatically corrected, and results and statistics are presented by Moodle in a clear manner. This offers a quick insight in the performance and development of students and the success of the course. Materials and sources can also easily and quickly be shared with all users.

Digital content

Moodle is our portal to other products, but also to digital teaching materials from third parties. Whether it are free teaching materials for education, safety trainings for companies, or tailor-made content; everything is directly accessible through a Moodle course.

We offer a growing number of digital content with our online learning platform. At the moment still mainly for secondary education, but in the future we expect to expand to other sectors. Where possible for free, but sometimes for a (small) fee. At the moment, for example, we offer secondary education the free Star Collection from VO-Content, interactive simulations and videos from eduMedia, educative games and test modules. All are directly accessible through Moodle.

We have a wide range of standard safety trainings for companies, directly accessible through Moodle. Have a look at our demo environment to get an impression.

For development of your own digital teaching materials and tailor-made trainings you can also rely on us. We deliver content in the SCORM format, so it can be deployed at multiple places and at the same time can be easily accessed through Moodle. See our demo environment for a few examples or ask us about the possibilities.

Unparalleled integration possibilities

Because of the open character of Moodle it is possible to link the learning environment with all kinds of programs that complete the learning experience even further. At OpenEdu we have, for example, already linked an e-portfolio, a virtual classroom and Google Apps to Moodle. The possibility to install and create all kinds of plug-ins also ensures that Moodle will always fit into your organization.

We seamlessly integrated Google Apps into our online learning platform, so you can make use of the Google services everywhere in the learning platform. Users are automatically synchronized, and you can for example add documents from Google Drive directly to a course.

With Ephorus plagiarism prevention you as a teacher can check if handed in assignments are original with one click of a button. You not only compare the papers of your students with millions of previously submitted papers, but also with many billions of internet sources. In no time at all Ephorus plagiarism prevention determines for you if there are similarities with previously written documents or not.

Combine the power of CMS Joomla with Moodle. Register in Joomla, learn in Moodle. View the course overview on your website, dive into the course in the learning environment. Joomdle, as the initiative is called, offers complete synchronization between your Joomla website and Moodle learning environment.

We are the only Moodle-supporter in the Netherlands that has linked the student administration systems Magister and SOM to Moodle. Magister has a one-way link with Moodle; all users in Moodle are synchronized either with the user database of Magister or SOM.

We have all knowledge and necessary experience available to link Moodle to your CRM or administration system. That way users can automatically be synchronized and results can also much easier be presented outside of Moodle. Ask us for the possibilities regarding linking our platform to your systems.




Mahara is the digital portfolio of our online learning platform. Mahara is designed especially for educational purposes and offers an e-portfolio and social network services aimed exactly at that.

Collect your work

Collect your work organized in one place and take it with you for the rest of your life. e-Portfolio Mahara offers users the possibility to keep track of their own developments in one central place. Users can for example make their résumé, write blogs, set learning targets for themselves and save work to subsequently create their own page that can be shared with others.

Mahara supports the Leap2A specification which makes it possible for users to take their content along with them. This applies both to Mahara to Mahara, as to Mahara to other systems that support the Leap2A standard.

By letting users work with a portfolio, you place a part of the responsibility for their own learning process in their own hands; through self-evaluation and reflection on the progress and achievements. Achievements and self-evaluations which can be surveyable by the user, to you as teacher or manager.

Share your achievements

Working with our e-portfolio makes it very simple to share personal development, own work and achievements with others. Whether it concerns a fellow student, a teacher, or somebody outside of the organization – the various education-aimed social network services bring learning users closer together.

What makes Mahara different than other e-portfolios, is that users can choose for themselves which parts and which information is shown to others. Users can compose various ‘views’, with information that is or is not viewable for different groups of persons.

Volledige integratie met Moodle

Mahara is fully integrated with the Moodle learning environment. User profiles are automatically synchronized and you will never have to login more than once on our platform. You can also export handed in assignments from Moodle to Mahara in one click. You can then save it for your own use, or share your work with others.

Mahara has a Single Sign-on (SSO) link with Moodle. This allows users to login to our online learning platform once, after which Mahara and all other applications and recourses within our platform become accessible.



Virtual classroom

BigBlueButton is our open source virtual classroom. The web conference system was part of Mozilla’s open innovation program Mozilla Ignite. Because of this, the project has the support and expertise of top developers from the IT-sector.

Live remote learning

Live remote learning is child’s play with BigBlueButton. The virtual classroom provides room for teachers and students to partake in meetings through video, audio, and chat.

You can easily upload PDFs and Office documents, and present them to your students in sync. Zoom in and out; use the mouse as a pointer.

The whiteboard offers the possibility to highlight parts of the presentation, or to make live note that are visible to everybody.

Go beyond presentations and share your desktop with all participants. Suitable for Mac, Unix and PC.

As chairman you can easily monitor the participants. Choose who may or may not speak, or give the chairman role to someone else. Participants can also ‘raise their hand’ to express to the chairman the desire to say something.

Direct live

Without installing anything you can immediately take part in a live meeting with BigBlueButton. At the moment on all devices that support Flash, and soon also for devices that only support HTML5, like iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Multiple users can share their webcam at the same time. There is no built-in limit on the number of simultaneously active webcams.

BigBlueButton supports voice over IP (VoIP) conversations out-of-the-box. The only things students need to partake are speakers and a microphone. 

Full Moodle integration

BigBlueButton is fully integrated in Moodle. BigBlueButton can be added to a course as an activity in Moodle. That way you can partake in a live online meeting directly from the course, without having to exit the learning environment.

Start BigBlueButton directly from your Moodle course. Set a start time, end time, and welcome text of BigBlueButton for your specific courses in Moodle. Only the students from your course can login to the session.

Because every separate BigBlueButton activity in a Moodle course starts a new BigBlueButton session, it is possibly to run multiple sessions simultaneously. Only students from your course have access to the session. Students from other courses can follow their own live lesson or webinar with their own teacher.

Record sessions and then insert them into a Moodle course. That way, your students can watch back the session in their own time.

If you want to use BigBlueButton outside of Moodle, we offer you the possibility to integrate BigBlueButton into your CMS. We provide support for a numbers of CMS’s. despite the fact that you can use BigBlueButton separately, we do not sell the product separately. It always remains part of our complete online learning platform.



Mobile application

Moobile is based on the idea that learning through Moodle can be more intuitive, more efficient, more useful and even more fun. Upload photos, videos and audio recordings to your learning environment by a simple click of a button.

Upload multimedia files

Multimedia files like videos, photos and audio recordings can easily be uploaded to Moodle. They are immediately categorized in a personal folder, and can subsequently be inserted into a course or handed in as an assignment.

Moobile is developing rapidly. Therefore, expect in the short-term access to calendars and grade charts in the Moobile app.

Free for iOS and Android

Mobile is available for free on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. You can download the app in the Apple App Store or Google Play. To ensure that Moobile works on your Moodle some settings will first have to be adjusted by your Moodle-admin. You can find the correct settings here.

Download the app for iPhone and iPad here.

Download the app for Android devices here.

Personalized theme

We offer possibility to give the app your own house style. That way you posses your own Moodle app in your own style, that you can download yourself in one of the app stores. After entering the correct login data once, the user will from then on view the app in your house style.

Moobile is not the mobile website of Moodle, which is a standard component of Moodle. Of course it is also possible to provide the Moodle mobile website in your house style.



Plagiarism prevention

Founded by pedagogues in 1999 and used extensively by many academic organisations around the world, URKUND is synonymous with automated anti-plagiarism efforts in Northern and Western Europe, to date allowing hundreds of thousands of teacher-hours to be spent on planning, teaching and guidance instead.

Prevent plagiarism

URKUND offers a fully-automated system for handling plagiarism. In short, the students send their documents to their teachers by e-mail. Along the electronic route between student and teacher, the documents are checked against three central source areas: Internet, published material and student material. If any document displays similarities with the content in the three sources, the system will flag it for possible plagiarism. An analysis overview is generated and sent by e-mail to the teacher concerned. The analysis overview presents in a simplified form the information needed by the teacher in order to determine if plagiarism has occurred.

Every document and every thesis can be checked in an instant. Easy, economical and quick.

Stimulate students and pupils to choose originality. To think for themselves. URKUND plagiarism prevention gives you control of educational quality.

Authorized reseller

OpenEdu is an official partner of URKUND. If you want to make use of URKUND plagiarism prevention in the OpenEdu online learning platform, this is possible for an additional charge. The plug-in is standard included in your online learning platform. You buy a license from us, and then you can go to work with URKUND plagiarism prevention.

Apply for a license from us to make use of URKUND in Moodle, and we will take care of the rest. You always pay for your URKUND license per user. The number of users always coincides with the number of users of your online learning platform.

Complete integration with Moodle

URKUND has been fully integrated with Moodle. When assessing an assignment in Moodle, you can instantly see if something was plagiarized. The integration was developed and is maintained by Dan Marsden at Catalyst NZ, the originator of the Moodle plagiarism core.

Every document and every thesis can be checked in an instant. Easy, economical and quick.

Stimulate students and pupils to choose originality. To think for themselves. URKUND plagiarism prevention gives you control of educational quality.

Google Apps

Google Apps

for Work and Education

Google Apps is a cloud-based product package that allows you and your team to make a connection from any device and on any location, and continue working. Google Apps is not a fixed part of our online learning platform, but it is fully integrated.

Teamwork that works

With Google Apps you can share and edit all kinds of files, like documents, spreadsheets, presentation, and more in real time. Do not waste any more time e-mailing back and forth multiple file versions. If you save your files in the cloud, everybody automatically has access to the latest draft of every file. Makes sense, does it not?

Enjoy the e-mail with search option from Google, up to 30GB storage space, offline support, customized e-mail addresses, and much more. Gmail is easily accessible from Moodle.

Schedule meetings at times that everybody is available, get reminders for appointments and share calendars. Synchronize you Google Calendar with your Moodle calendar in just a few steps and vice versa, and have all your appointments at hand.

Google Drive allows you to save files in the cloud, share them with whom you want, and open them from any location. Through a repository, Google Drive is quickly opened in Moodle. That way files can easily be added to a course or handed in to the teacher as an assignment.

Create, share and work with your entire team in real time on documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Authorized reseller

We work together with Google, are authorized reseller for Google Apps for Work and support educational institutions in managing the free Google Apps for Education. That way we can offer a complete (educational) cloud solution to every organization.

Google Apps for Business is the business product package of Google for companies. It is not included in our learning platform, and can be purchased from us separately. If you buy Google Apps from us, you will pay the same amount as you would at Google, but we also offer you the needed support in launching and maintaining Google Apps in your organization and integrating it in our online learning platform.

Google Apps for Education is a free product package from Google for educational purposes, directly available from Google, without intervention from us. Educational institutions that are looking for support for Google Apps can of course rely on us. For €1 per user per year we offer support for the launch and maintenance of Google Apps in your organization; you will get access to our helpdesk and we offer help with setting up the integration in our online learning platform.

Complete integration with Moodle

We have seamlessly integrated Google Apps into Moodle, so you can make use of the Google services from anywhere in our learning platform. Users are synchronized, you can directly access Gmail from Moodle, and you can add documents from your Google Drive to a Moodle-course with the click of a button.

Fill in your e-mail address and Google Apps automatically synchronizes with Moodle through SAML 2.0. That way users that are created in Moodle will automatically be created in Google Apps and vice versa.